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On 29 June 1988 Michael Forwell (aka The Fox) had it all fast cars and speedboats, a nightclub in Singapore, a private island, a beautiful wife and children. And a ship heading towards California carrying 72 tons of highgrade Thai marijuana, his last deal before going straight. On 30 June the DEA seized the ship in the biggest dope bust in history . . . and very soon Michael had nothing at all. A mildmannered, public school educated Englishman who abhors violence, Michael was not the most likely drug smuggler but he was certainly one of the most successful. Now he shares his astonishing adventures as he found ever more inventive ways to smuggle dope from SouthEast Asia to the US. By the eighties Michael was juggling aliases, dodging the authorities and making millions of dollars. Until that final deal, too good to pass by, went horribly wrong and he was forced to go on the lam. Fastpaced and funny, The Fox takes us on an adrenalincharged journey with a charming rogue, revealing the fun he had and the price he ultimately paid.

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