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Confessions of a Good Girl

Anglais Confessions of a Good Girl

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Loose Women's Andrea McLean is much loved for her bubbly, warm personality. But her life has seen its share of heartache, as well as love and happiness, and now she's finally ready to tell the full story. She takes us from a childhood spent constantly on the move, leaving her feeling like an outsider, to landing a dream job as a weathergirl on GMTV. She describes the tough lessons she had to learn to survive in TV and her hilarious - and sometimes disastrous - encounters with celebrities as a showbiz reporter. She reveals how she pushed herself to be the perfect daughter, the perfect wife and mother - so when she had an affair that ended her first marriage, the guilt and self-loathing drove her shockingly close to a breakdown. Looking for happiness in her second marriage, it took almost dying to give her the impetus she needed to change her life. Warm, funny and moving, this honest memoir shows a new side to Andrea - one that women everywhere will understand.

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