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  • Aimée Leduc is happy her long-time business partner René has found a girlfriend. Really, she is. Its not her fault if she cant suppress her doubts about the relationship; René is moving way too fast, and Aimées instincts tell her Meizi, this supposed love of Renés life, isnt trustworthy. And her misgivings may not be far off the mark: Meizi disappears during a Chinatown dinner to take a phone call and never comes back to the restaurant. Minutes later, the body of a young man, a science prodigy and volunteer at the nearby Musée, is found shrink-wrapped in an alleyway--with Meizis photo in his wallet.
    Aimée does not like this scenario one bit, but she cant figure out how the murder is connected to Meizis disappearance. The dead genius was sitting on a discovery that has Frances secret service keeping tabs on him. Now theyre keeping tabs on Aimée. A missing young woman, an illegal immigrant raid in progress, botched affairs of the heart, dirty policemen, the French secret service, cutting-edge science secrets and a murderer on the loose--what has she gotten herself into? And can she get herself--and her friends--back out of it all alive?

  • Praise for Cara Blacks Aimée Leduc series:
    Charming. . . . Aimée is one of those blithe spirits who can walk you through the citys historical streets and byways with their eyes closed.--Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review Leduc has a thorough grasp of the practicalities of investigation, plus a penchant for undercover work that will have readers on pins and needles.--San Francisco Chronicle Conveys vividly those layers of history that make the stones of Paris sing for so many of us.--Chicago Tribune Aimée Leduc, private investigator specializing in computer security, has been introduced to the Cao Dai temple in Paris by her partner René Friant. He urges her to learn to meditate: she could use a more healthful approach to life. The Vietnamese nun Linh has been helping Aimée to attain her goal, so when she asks Aimée for a favor--to go to the Clichy quartier to exchange an envelope for a package--René prompts Aimée to agree. But the intended recipient, Thadée Baret, is shot and dies in Aimées arms before the transaction can be completed, leaving Aimée with a wounded arm, a check for 50,000 francs, and a trove of ancient jade artifacts.
    Whoever killed Baret wants the jade. The RG--the French secret service; a group of veterans of the war in Indochina nd some wealthy ex-colonials and international corporations seeking oil rights are all implicated. And the nun, Linh, has disappeared.
    Since the incident in which she was temporarily blinded (Murder in the Bastille), Aimée has promised to avoid danger. But somehow, it continues to seek her out.
    Cara Black lives in San Francisco with her husband, a bookseller, and her son. She is the author of Murder in Belleville, Murder in the Marais and Murder in the Bastille published by Soho Press. Murder in the Sentier was a San Francisco Chronicle bestseller. For more information, visit From the Hardcover edition.

  • Praise for the Aimée Leduc series:
    If youve always wanted to visit Paris, skip the air fare and read Cara Black . . . instead.--Val McDermid Fine characters, good suspense, but, best of all, they are transcendentally, seductively, irresistibly French. If you cant go, these will do fine. Or, better, go and bring them with you.--Alan Furst She makes Paris come alive as no one else has since Georges Simenon.--Stuart Kaminsky If youve never been to Paris, or youd like to go back soon, let Cara Black transport you there.--Linda Fairstein Charming. . . . Aimée is one of those blithe spirits who can walk you through the citys historical streets and byways with their eyes closed.--The New York Times Book Review Aimées childhood friend, Laure, is a policewoman. Her partner, Jacques, has set up a meeting in Montmartre with an informer. When Laure reluctantly goes along as backup, Jacques is lured to an icy rooftop, where he is shot to death. Laures gun has been fired, gunpowder residue is found on her hands, and she is charged with her partners murder.
    The police close ranks against the alleged cop killer. Aimée is determined to clear Laure. In doing so, she encounters separatist terrorists, Montmartre prostitutes, a surrealist painters stepdaughter, a crooked Cosican bar owner, and learns of Big Ears--the French ear in the sky that records telephonic and electronic communications--which the Security Services monitor. Identifying Jacques murderer brings her closer to solving her own fathers death in an explosion in the Place Vendôme years earlier. It still haunts her. She cannot rest until she finds out who was responsible.
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  • Aimée Leduc is all dressed up in her new Chinese silk jacket, supposedly an "exclusive," for dinner with a difficult client at an elegant restaurant in the Bastille district. She is chagrined to see that the woman seated at the very next table is wearing an identical jacket. When the woman leaves her cell phone on the table, Aimée follows her to return it and is attacked in the shadowy Passage Boule Blanche. When she regains consciousness, Aimée finds that she is blind. Nevertheless, she is told she is lucky; the woman she was following was found in the next passage, murdered.
    Aimée is determined to identify her attacker. Was he actually a serial killer targeting showy blondes as the police insist? Was he really after the other woman? Or was Aimée his intended victim?
    From the Hardcover edition.

  • Yes, Cara Black fans, Aimée Leduc is back. This is the ninth of Black's novels about the chic, indomitable Parisian detective, and it has all the elements Black's readers have come to cherish: an engaging protagonist with a likable sidekick (her diminutive partner, René Friant), cops who hinder more than they help, villains with murky motives, grisly crimes and, above all, the unique Parisian atmosphere.-San Francisco Chronicle No contemporary writer of noir mysteries evokes the spirit of Paris more than Cara Black in her atmospheric series starring P.I. Aimée LeducThe fearless, risk-taking Aimée is constantly running, hiding, fighting and risking her life-all while dressed in vintage Chanel and Dior and Louboutin heels.-USA Today The ninth mystery in Cara Black's irresistible series set in Parismight well be the book we've been waiting for. Aimée Leduc, Black's adorably punkish sleuth, is in her elementOne of this colorful series's most scenic itineraries.-The New York Times Book Review Kinsey Millhone turned loose in Before SunsetIn Leducs ninth outing, Paris, as always, sparkles in all its gargoyled, dusty, cobblestoned glory.-Entertainment Weekly A Haitian woman arrives at the office of Leduc Detective and announce that she is Aimées sister, her fathers illegitimate daughter. Aimée is thrilled. A virtual orphan since her mothers disappearance and her fathers death, she has always wanted a sister. Her partner, René, is wary of this stranger, but Aimée embraces her and soon finds herself involved in murky Haitian politics leading to murder. The setting is the Latin Quarter on the Left Bank of the Seine, in the old university district of Paris.
    Cara Black is the author of nine books in the Aimée Leduc series. She frequently visits Paris but lives in San Francisco with her husband and son. For more information, visit From the Hardcover edition.

  • Aimée Leduc, a Parisian private investigator, has always sworn she would stick to tech investigation--no criminal cases for her. Especially since her father, the late police detective, was killed in the line of duty. But when an old Jewish man approaches Aimée with a top-secret decoding job on behalf of a woman in his synagogue, Aimée unwittingly takes on more than she was expecting. When she goes to drop off her findings at her client's house in the Marais, Paris's historic Jewish quarter, she finds the old woman strangled, a swastika carved on her forehead. With the help of her partner, René, Aimée sets out to solve this horrendous crime, but finds herself in an increasingly dangerous web of ancient secrets and buried war crimes.
    From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Praise for the Aimée Leduc series set in Paris:
    Compelling. . . . Aimée makes an engaging protagonist, vulnerable beneath her vintage chic clothing and sharp-witted exterior.--Publishers Weekly (starred review) Charming. . . . Aimée is one of those blithe spirits who can walk you through the citys historical streets and byways with their eyes closed.--The New York Times Book Review The buzz is partly about her heroines hip, next-generation, cutting-edge investigations and partly about Paris, a setting of unrivaled charm.--Houston Chronicle Cara Black books are good companions. . . . Fine characters, good suspense, but, best of all, they are transcendentally, seductively, irresistibly French. If you cant go, these will do fine. Or, better yet, go and bring them with you.--Alan Furst Conveys vividly those layers of history that make the stones of Paris sing for so many of us.--Chicago Tribune If youve always wanted to visit Paris, skip the air fare and read Cara Black . . . instead.--Val McDermid Aimée is thrilled when her one-time lover, Yves, an investigative journalist, returns from his assignment in Egypt and proposes marriage. But after a single night of bliss, his body is discovered in a Paris doorway. His throat has been slit. Aimée is detrmined to avenge him. The trail leads to a sleeper jihadist and embroils her in Turkish and Kurdish politics.
    Cara Black is a frequent visitor to Paris; this is her eighth mystery set there. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and son. For more information, visit From the Hardcover edition.

  • When a mysterious visitor promises contact with her long-lost mother, Aimée Leduc finds herself hot on the trail of the Seventies radicals with whom her mother was evidently associated. The result is not just good suspense but an affecting and realistic psychological study of a daughter's coming to terms with an absent parent. This is another high-class mystery from Black, whose previous works in the series (Murder in Belleville, Murder in the Marais) have the same indelible sense of place and sophisticated political context.

  • Praise for the Aimée Leduc series:
    One of the best heroines in crime fiction.--Lee Child The Parisienne Kinsey Millhone.--Los Angeles Times One of the best new writers in the field today.--Publishers Weekly (starred review) Haunting.--The New York Times Book Review Aimée is faced with a tight deadline on a computer security contract when a telephone call from a stranger leads her to an abandoned infant. She brings the baby to her home and names her Stella. She expects the mother to reclaim the child, but days pass as Aimée tries in vain to discover her identity. Her partner, René, urges her to turn the baby over to the authorities, but for Aimée this is too close to her own abandonment by her mother.
    The search brings her among ecological protesters and oil company tycoons, newspapermen and would-be actresses, as demonstrators near her home on the Ile Saint-Louis, in the heart of Paris, march against the pollution of the North Sea only to be dispersed by armed police.
    Two murders and an abortive bombing keep Aimée running until, in the sewers beneath the Seine, she finds the woman she has been looking for, only to discover that the man she has just fallen for is a cold-hearted criminal.
    For more information, visit From the Hardcover edition.

  • Tension runs high in this working-class neighborhood as a hunger strike to protest strict immigration laws escalates among the Algerian immigrants. Aimée barely escapes death in a car bombing in this tale of terrorism and greed in the shadows of Paris.

  • Just as Aimée is about to leave for New York City to follow up on a lead about a possible younger brother, her partner in Leduc Detective, René Friant, is wounded by a near-fatal gun shot. Eyewitnesses identify Aimée as the culprit. The police have pegged her as the guilty party. Aimée is distraught over Renés condition and horrified to be under suspicion.
    At the same time, a large, mysterious sum appears in their firms bank account, and the tax authorities descend upon Aimée. She has no idea who would have sent this money.
    It seems that someone is impersonating Aimée, someone who wants revenge. But for what? Two murders ensue. How do they relate to the youth whom Aimées testimony sent to jail in the very first Aimée Leduc investigation, Murder in the Marais?

  • The village-like neighborhood of Passy, home to many of Pariss wealthiest residents, is the last place one would expect a murder. But when Aimée Leducs godfather, Morbier, a police commissaire, asks her to check on his girlfriend at her home there, thats exactly what Aimée finds. Xavierre, a haut bourgeois matron of Basque origin, is strangled in her garden while Aimée waits inside. Circumstantial evidence makes Morbier the prime suspect, and to vindicate him, Aimée must identify the real killer. Her investigation leads her to police corruption; the radical Basque terrorist group, ETA; and a kidnapped Spanish princess.
    You're invited to experience even more of Aimée Leduc's Paris with an exclusive companion by Cara Black. Download the Aimée Leduc Companion for free at

  • Paris, April 1999: Aimée Leduc has her work cut out for her--running her detective agency and fighting off sleep deprivation as she tries to be a good single mother to her new bébé. The last thing she has time for now is to take on a personal investigation for a poor manouche (Gypsy) boy. But he insists his dying mother has an important secret she needs to tell Aimée, something to do with Aimées fathers unsolved murder a decade ago. How can she say no?
    The dying womans secret is even more dangerous than her son realized. When Aimée arrives at the hospital, the boys mother has disappeared. She was far too sick to leave on her own--she must have been abducted. What does she know thats so important its worth killing for? And will Aimée be able to find her before its too late and the medication keeping her alive runs out?
    From the Hardcover edition.