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  • Brought up by a strict Calvinist pastor, Robert Wringham believes he is one of the elect, predestined for salvation while all others - including his real father and brother - are cursed. Convinced he is indestructible and above the law, Robert commits terrible crimes under the influence of Gil-Martin - his physical double - who claims they are acting in God's name to purify the world. But does this mysterious tempter actually exist? Could he be an agent of the devil? Subversive and unsettling, The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (1824) is a compelling psychological depiction of religious bigotry and the seductive effects of power on a tormented soul.

  • With an essay by David Groves.

    'He was constantly harassed with the idea, that the next time he lifted his eyes, he would to a certainty see that face, the most repulsive to all his feelings of aught the earth contained' A nightmarish tale of religious fanaticism and darkness, this chilling classic of the macabre tells the tale of Robert Wringhim, drawn in his moral confusion into committing the most monstrous acts by an evil doppelganger. James Hogg's masterpiece is as troublingly duplicitous as Wringhim himself, and was ignored and bowdlerized before becoming a hugely influential work of Scottish literature.

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